Insurance FAQs

Yes, you should always keep your items insured. Highndry Storage Solutions does have extensive insurance coverage, however your items will not be covered by our insurance policy.

This is similar to your home and car insurance. If you are storing your car at home, your home owner’s insurance policy will not cover your car if it is damaged at your home.

It is not essential, but we strongly recommend you have your own insurance.

If you are storing with us for a long period of time, it is a good idea to advise your insurance company that you are storing at Highndry Storage Solutions. They may give you a reduction in your insurance premiums.

Yes. You are responsible for the items that you store with us at Highndry Storage Solutions and insurance for your stored items is required.

Highndry Storage Solutions do not know what your items are worth and if you are holding other valuables with your car, boat or caravan, we strongly recommend you make certain all your valuables are insured.

Highndry Storage Solutions requires all customers to provide proof of insurance coverage for all items stored with us.

We also recommend you review your policy or contact your insurance carrier to find out any special provisions, conditions or premium reductions for coverage during storage.

Yes, absolutely. You need to make sure the storage facility where your vehicles or toys are being stored is insured even if your item is insured.

Keep your toys safe and secure, ready to enjoy…

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