Car Storage FAQs

This is an important question, with no specific single correct answer. Please check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle requires constant power during storage. When storing classic cars always disconnect the battery. Some late model cars require a fully charged battery to be connected at all times. Highndry Storage Solutions can arrange mechanical repairs and ensure you have your toy ready for use when you need it!

Yes, if you are storing for a long time, then you should over-inflate your tyre pressure to look after your tyres. This helps prevent flat spots forming on your tyres. Increase the air pressure 2-3 psi more than the tyre manufacture recommends. Don’t forget to re-check the air pressure when you take your car out of storage.

It is not necessary to cover your car for storage at Highndry Storage Solutions, but you are very welcome to keep your car covered if you wish. It’s a good idea to make sure you wash your car before you put the cover on as putting a car cover on a dirty car can cause scratches in the paint. Also, when you store your car at Highndry Storage Solutions, you can use a car cover that is designed for indoor car storage.

If your car is being stored for less than 6 months it’s not necessary to start your vehicle. Starting your vehicle for a short period of time without fully heating up the motor and exhaust system will produce condensation in your exhaust system. If you prefer to start your engine make sure the car is brought up to operating temperature and driven around to ensure that any condensation in the motor and exhaust system is burned off.

If you are storing your car with us for a long period of time, then talk with us about this as we can schedule these types of regular checks of your car to keep it operational for you. Highndry Storage Solutions can also arrange to provide this service and include it in your monthly storage fees.

If you are storing your vehicle for over 6 months, then it’s a good idea to add fuel stabiliser. If you are storing for less than 6 months, it isn’t necessary to add fuel stabiliser but it won’t hurt.

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