Boat Storage FAQs

Yes, we do. You can flush the motor yourself or we can do it for you. Salt water can be damaging so it’s a good idea to use this washing facility at Highndry Storage Solutions. We also have high pressure water cleaners so you can wash your boat thoroughly before it goes back into storage. (Or let us know and we can do it for you.)

If you are storing your boat for a long time, then get the boat checked over and get any repair and maintenance work done before the boat is put into secure storage. Then you’ll have your boat ready to go when you want it and not have frustrating delays. If you like, the team at Highndry Storage Solutions can organise this type of maintenance check, service work with one of our recommended local boat specialists.

Make sure the boat is clean, both outside and inside. Dirty boats can become unpleasantly smelly and develop mould that can damage upholstery.

It is usually a good idea to disconnect your battery and clean the battery terminals and battery leads.

Please don’t leave bait or any perishables on board when you drop your boat off to us!

Keep your toys safe and secure, ready to enjoy…

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